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WG-CBTE Workshop, Beijing, China

Compile a set of selected cases to describe the current situation, draw lessons from these cases and prepare guidelines for best practices in land and water management on (i) the creation and establishment of an enabling environment, (ii) the institutional setting including beneficiary participation, and (iii) the development and strengthening of human resources and managerial systems.

Compile the status of training and educational programmes offered in different regions, identify the training and education requirements, identify gaps and prepare guidelines for development and appropriate modification of education and training programmes and strengthening of education and training institutions to meet the changing requirements of the sector.

Facilitate the process of balancing education and training requirements, and provision and training services.

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Current activities

The Working Group is now winding up its activities. Its final meeting will be in Sacramento in September 2007 at the next IEC meeting (

It is widely accepted that capacity building remains an important process for the development of the irrigation and drainage sector. Therefore members of the Working Group, and others, are invited to consider follow-on activities which ICID might put in place. These should be tabled at the Sacramento meeting.

To mark the finalisation of its activities and mandate, the Working Group is preparing an issue focusing on capacity development of the journal Irrigation and Drainage (link). This issue will mark the end of the Working Group's activities and will build on the outcomes of the recent series of workshops organised by WG-CBTE and IPTRID (see below). Contributions of articles for this issue are invited - please see the accompanying letter for details.

Capacity-Building Workshops

Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Moscow & Montpellier

The Working Group, in collaboration with IPTRID, held the last in its series of workshops in Kuala Lumpur on September 14th 2006. The theme of the workshops was Monitoring and Evaluation of Capacity Development Programmes, to round off the cycle of workshops that have been held since 2003. Six papers were presented round this theme, and a lively discussion followed, identifying a range of issues to be addressed when undertaking M&E of capacity development. The proceedings are being published by IPTRID, and can be seen in draft form at:

The Beijing workshop in 2005 focussed on Strategies for Planning and Implementing Capacity-Building and featured a keynote paper, together with 7 case studies from around the world. In addition there was a keynote presentation from UNESCO-IHE on the baseline document Capacity-Building and Social Learning. The proceedings can be found at:

The Moscow workshop in 2004 considered Capacity Needs Assessment in Agricultural Water Management. It was co-sponsored by IPTRID. The workshop comprised a methodological paper, three case studies (Egypt, Ukraine and Zambia), and a strategy paper. An edited version of the papers is now available at :

The Montpellier workshop in 2003 was entitled Capacity Development in Irrigation and Drainage: Issues, Challenges and the Way Ahead. It resulted in FAO Water Report No. 26, of the same title, which includes a synthesis paper, 3 keynote papers, and six detailed case studies (Tunisia, Peru, Albania, Andhra Pradesh, Zambia and West Africa). This paper can be found on-line at

Contribution to the Fourth World Water Forum, Mexico, March 2006

Topic Session on FT 4.20 'Capacity Development Strategies and Social Learning among Stakeholders for a Sustainable Irrigation and Drainage Sector' 20 March 2006

The Working Group was active in putting together this topic session, and several members of the Working Group participated. See (details) for a full report of the session and the key findings arising from the three presentations

For further details on these or any other activities of the working group, please contact the Chairman, Tom Franks, at

AGENDA : 60th IEC Meeting, New Delhi, India [In PDF format] [Previous Agendas]

MINUTES : 57th IEC Meeting, September 2006, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [In PDF format] [Previous Minutes]

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